To aspire to produce healthy food through sustainable and socially responsible farming practices and present organic food to the current and future generation. 


To strive to educate consumers on healthy food options and to produce and offer real good food. Based on the principle that only good food ensures good thinking which in-turn gives us good health.

Our Guru Shri. Dr.L. Narayana Reddy Ayya

He hailed from a village near Varthur on the city’s outskirts and started with chemical farming in 1970s, only to soon realise that it was unsustainable and he was incurring losses.

Influenced by Fukuoka’s book on farming, he took to organic farming. “Organic farming is not just about mere cultivation practices but is a lifestyle in itself,” he argued, adding that agriculture was a philosophy of living in harmony with nature.

Following the rapid urbanisation of Varthur, he bought land at Marenahalli near Doddaballapur and built his farm there in his old age. Though he was not formally educated in farming, he was known for experiments and a scientific approach to farming. Several foreign universities sent their students on study visits to his farm. He was awarded the Nadoja award and an honorary doctorate from Kannada University, Hampi. He passed away at the age of 84 in 2017.

Our Story

Thiru K. R. Siva, the founder of Na Native Foods and Nalam Natural Organic Farming was passionate about nature and sustainable organic farming practices which keeps harmful chemicals at bay.

Inspired by his guru Shri.Dr.L. Narayana Reddy who was into organic farming, Thiru Siva felt the need to take the organic movement one step ahead andaspired to bring a revolution in healthy eating and well-being. In 2005 he delved deep into organic farming and worked closely with farmers to build healthy soils and increase bio-diversity without the need for chemical fertilizers.

With his experience in organic and sustainable farming and his insights into evolving consumer expectations for healthy food, he started his own venture, Nalam Natural Organic Farming in 2007. The company offers organic products under the brand name Desya. Today the company is directly working with farmers, health experts, nutritionists, medical professionals, environmental lovers thereby ensuring highest quality products that customers expect.

He soon launched the marketing of health foods and organic snacks under the Na flagship brand that offers quality, authentic and traditional bakshnams and snacks recipes that have survived time.